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Alien Pirate's Desire

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She just wanted to get out of the city. She never expected to end up in space!

Needing a break from her busy city life, Eve rents a cabin in the woods. But things don’t go exactly as planned. When she’s abducted by scary, mantis-like aliens, her world is turned upside down.

Among the strange-looking aliens is Doran, a kind, human-like alien. Could he be her only hope in this crazy situation? He’s an alien too, and she’s not convinced she can trust him.

So why does she feel drawn to him?

When he accepted a job from the Saithin, he never expected to find her

Doran’s entire life is ruled by logic, but his predictive abilities as a Qai have made life boring. When he signs up to work on a Saithin ship, he looks forward to travel and adventures. What he doesn’t expect is to play a role in an abduction mission.

When he lays eyes on a beautiful human who looks just like the Qai, he faces an impossible decision – one that will force him to question everything about his life and what he’s been led to believe.

Will he risk everything to save her, or will logic outweigh his emotions?

Star Gladiators

Abducted from Earth.
Claimed by an alien gladiator.

Alien Gladiator's Claim

Book 1

Alien Gladiator's Prize

Book 2

Alien Gladiator's Choice

Book 3

Alien Gladiator's Mate

Book 4

Purple Planet Barbarians

Sci-fi Alien Reverse Harem Romance!

Struck by a lightning during an interdimensional storm.
Transported to another planet with aliens that mate in threes.

Alien Barbarians' Hope

Book 1

Alien Barbarians' Mate

Book 2

Alien Barbarians' Love

Book 3

Alien Barbarians' Bundle

Purple Planet Books 1-3
The whole series in one box set!